Doug Scott: A Crawl Down The Ogre

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£13.50 Full (£12 Concession)

Whilst the highpoint of Doug Scott’s mountaineering collaboration with Chris Bonington was the first ascent of Everest by its enormous SW Face, their greatest adventure was undoubtedly on The Ogre, two years later in July 1977.

Doug and Chris made the first ascent after very difficult rock climbing that extended the boundaries of what had ever been achieved at that altitude.

The subsequent descent in the dark immediately became an epic. Doug broke both legs just above the ankles. A storm blew in lasting five days, during which time Chris smashed his ribs and contracted pneumonia. It took eight hard days to reach Base Camp.  It was 24 years before The Ogre was ever climbed again. ..

Proceeds from the talk will support reconstruction of Community Action Nepal’s projects in Nepal.

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