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Conceived and Written by Nia Bolland

Twelve signs, twelve months, twelve kids. And one house. In the witty and charming pilot to TWELVE, a dark comedy drama by Something Mystic Productions, a group of sixteen year olds who manifest the twelve zodiac signs find themselves on a reality TV show together.

This summer a group of young people from Mid-Powys went up against their own expectations to create something incredible - a TV pilot, paid for out of their own pockets and using young, local talent to make something truly unique.

"Twelve" is a forty minute film exploring adolescent angst, the pressures of celebrity, and the difficulty of upholding moral integrity in an increasingly digitized world. Although it's just a taster of the series that could be should the makers secure funding, in these forty minutes it explores the story of a struggling TV producer who lands upon a hit idea - a reality television show featuring twelve teenagers who exemplify the twelve astrological signs.

The show features beautiful original music, strong, sensitive characters, and some really great one-liners. It's only showing once, and tickets are just £5! Book your ticket now, and come and see what young people get up to round these parts!

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